The Wake Blog

  1. Introducing Versioning & Sketch Sync

    Sync your artboards and see how they evolve over time

  2. Tips on creating an open culture on your design team

    Sharing is dependent on trust

  3. Top Resources for Designers

    Design inspiration, typography, and few of our faves.

  4. How to build a successful design team

    A four-part series on collaboration, feedback, and more.

  5. The antidote to design fixation

    Ways to identify, address, and prevent design fixation

  6. How the Pinterest brand team approaches design and collaboration

    An interview with Tim Belonax, Senior Brand Designer

  7. Designers explain why sharing work is important

    Eventbrite and Intercom brand designers tell us how it is

  8. 3 skills design managers need in their team

    Non-technical skills that make a team thrive

  9. Bakken & Bæck shake up the agency workflow with Wake

    Norwegian design agency opens up their design process to clients

  10. What does the future look like for designers?

    How to Build a Successful Design Team: Part 4