We’ve written an awful lot about the importance of sharing work with your team and how to motivate your designers to share more, and in general – why giving and getting feedback is the key to building a successful design team.  In this post, we’ve decided to grab a couple of our customers and see what their thoughts are on the subject.

We spoke with Kirstyn Martin, digital brand designer at Eventbrite, and Ryan Hubbarb, senior brand designer at Intercom, about their thoughts on the role of sharing among their teams.

Why is sharing work in progress with your design team so important?

Kirstyn: Sharing work in progress has helped our team have more transparency and the ability to weigh in on each other’s designs early on in the process. On a personal level, I love getting eyes on my work and tweaking things quickly before I’ve spent too much time refining those final touches like spacing.

Ryan: We’ve all got a ton of things on our plate all the time, which means it’s almost impossible for us to keep up and stayed involved in each other’s work in a 100% organic way. There’s just not enough time in the day. Posting to Wake is a quick and easy way to give a snapshot of what you’ve been working on that your teammates can look at their own leisure without disrupting anyone’s flow.

Ryan Hubbarb, Intercom

What are some of the biggest challenges you have to overcome in getting designers to share?

Kirstyn: I think the biggest challenge that designers have in sharing is just not wanting to show work that isn’t finished or pixel perfect yet.

Ryan: Putting yourself out there is difficult, and it’s especially difficult if you’re sharing early/in-progress work or work that you’re maybe not particularly confident in. Getting people over that hump is a challenge. To counter that, we try to stress that we’re a team, and we’re all in this thing together. If you’re struggling with a project or if you just getting started on something, remember that your team is there to help, and sharing your work with your team is the best way to get that help. Sharing early and often with your team is only going to make your work better.

What are some tips you have to motivate designers to share?

Kirstyn Martin, Eventbrite

Kirstyn: Make it known that your team’s board is a safe place to share work in progress and get feedback. Positive feedback or constructive suggestions for improvement are always better than nitpicking the details early on. Also when one share work, it is often a good idea to ask the team questions with your post if you are looking for specific feedback.

Ryan: Transparency is good! Even if you’re not directly getting feedback on the work you posted in Wake, making sure your team sees what you’ve been working on and where it’s at is super helpful. It’s also really really cool to see all of the work your team is doing all at once when everyone’s posted it to Wake. Seeing that collective output is really energizing and further motivation to continue to share regularly.

As designers get more comfortable sharing their work, we want to know what your teams are doing to encourage openness and transparency! Reach out to us on Twitter and tell us how you’re supporting the culture of sharing.