Wake introduces a free plan for design collaboration

At Wake, our mission has always been focused on bringing openness and transparency to the design process. We’ve always believed that by providing a space where designers can share ongoing work not only empowers them to make better products, it also helps them grow. We’re proud to be a part of creating a more open culture and to continue building a product that supports this vision.

As we’ve grown, we’ve seen how Wake has helped companies such as Spotify, Microsoft, Airbnb, Facebook, and Intercom bring their designers closer together to create amazing things. We’ve also learned that when the culture of sharing is brought in earlier, the better teams adapt and communicate with one another.

That’s why we are excited to share that we now have a free version of Wake, which will allow individual designers, startups and other small teams a chance to create a culture of openness early on.

Bringing the culture of sharing to everyone.

Small teams and individual designers need a space where they can watch the design process unfold, both for themselves and for the people they work with – no matter if it’s a fellow designer, product manager, developer or client. Wake allows you to invite more people into the process, creating a central place for conversation around design. As those teams grow, transparency and collaboration becomes integrated in how they communicate and work together.

“Wake allows us to collaborate in real time and is a really great way for leadership on the team to stay up-to-date with what everybody is working on,” said Stewart Scott-Curran, Intercom’s Director of Brand Design.

We know the power of sharing is real, and we want to create an opportunity for everyone to try Wake and explore how transformative open communication can be. Now you can have a team of one or two designers and unlimited spectators (think PMs, management, marketing, etc.) share work and explore the design process earlier.

“Wake opened a new way of sharing. It’s a persistent way for everyone to see and absorb each other’s work,” said David Scott, Creative Director at Eventbrite.

Learn more about free accounts at wake.com/free

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