Keeping your team and clients up-to-date with the latest and greatest designs just got a whole lot easier. We’ve rebuilt our Mac app to allow for fast and easy syncing between Sketch and Wake.

In addition, we’re also introducing Version Explorer. A way to look back at how a design has evolved over time.

Getting Started

If you already have the Wake Uploader for Mac installed, simply update it through the menubar. Or you can download it now.

On web you will now see a version number next to the filename in the top bar of the detail view. When a design has more than one version, clicking it will allow you to compare the past and current versions.

How it Works

When sharing from Sketch you will be presented with a list of your recent posts on Wake. At the top of that list you will find suggestions that are related to your open Sketch file. From here you can create a new post or update an existing one. When updating a post, Wake will use the artboard names within your Sketch file to replace matching items within that post.

It’s best to keep artboard names unique to prevent conflicts from occurring. However, Wake will do it’s best to resolve this by also matching unique artboard ID’s. In either case, Wake will show you a preview of your update before you upload to make sure you’re updating the correct designs.

Updating your work with new versions is also possible on Web. While viewing your own work, use the version dropdown menu in the topbar or drag a new file into the Version Explorer to update your post.

We’re really excited for you all to start using Sketch Sync and Versioning on Wake. The features will be available to everyone on all plans starting today. If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us on twitter or via email.

Wake is a design collaboration app built for teams. Our mission is to bring openness and transparency to the design process by allowing designers to share work early and often with the people they work with. Sign up now to give it a try!